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Tudor Romeo TD105 Customer Review
  Kambo's, Canning Vale, WA

Product Review


At last I can simmer!

Brilliant designed stove top.

Dual control burners have two regulators inbuilt, want loads of heat turn the knob one way, want low heat to simmer turn the knob the other way.

This cooktop is just brilliant, takes a little while to work out which way to turn the knob. But being able to control the heat input when cooking is just great. Our old gas stove you had to simmer on the inner wok ring with the lid off. All the other burners didn't control down low enough.

Made in Australia too.

Only minus I have found is that the alignment of the text on the knobs is not central and this is a pity, I expect better from Australian quality control.

Frank1234 Jan 13, 2012
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Kambo's store manager, Glenn says of the Canning Vale store stocks Tudor Romeo cooktops because "the cooktop is the best replacement for any customer that have had an old Chef, Westinghouse or Simpson cooktop installed 15 years or more ago. It is one of the three brands that will fit and the sell price is very affordable."

He recommends Tudor "mainly due to its sizing but also because of the options available, one or two woks or none."


Retravision O'Conner, WA

  Energy Hot House, SA
Retravision   AGl Energy

When updating the cooktop in your kitchen, you might be restricted by the space your old cooktop occupied. Tudor cooktops are the solution.

While most other cooktop brands measure 860x510mm, Australian made Tudor manufactures 930x430mm cooktops, which is beneficial for the replacement of older style cooktops.

Retravision O'Conner is one Retravision store which offers the Tudor cooktop range. Whitegoods manager Gino Raffaele says Tudor cooktops are of benefit to customers because of their size.

"We can offer the customer the whole range but we mainly carry the 900mm gas cooktop which comes in different finishes and ranges from $799 to $1199," he says. "We have TD100 twin wok in stainless steel, TD105 black glass with left hand wok also available in right hand (TD109) and TD115, which is a 600mm white glass cooktop.

"the Tudor gas cooktop comes in black and white glass and stainless steel with a choice of a left or right hand side wok burner, fantastic for Asian cooking and easy to clean."

Gino says when shopping for a cooktop customers should look for something they are comfortable with."It should be easy to clean and have cast iron trivets and burners," he says.


Energy Hot House owner, Rose said, "We stock these cooktops because they are easy to sell as they fit or cover existing cut outs that many other cooktops won’t cover,  therefore very rarely do bench tops need to have extra cut outs made, making install easier, neater and cheaper for the customer.

Energy Hot House recommends Tudor cooktops because of their "versatility". The owner said " I don’t know of any other domestic cooktop that has such a large burner output, almost commercial size at 18mj and conversely, in the same cook top, the smallest burner at 1mj, almost the heat of a candle, therefore allowing great instant flexibility in cooking."

"Tudor cooktops are available in popular stainless steel, black or white glass, allowing for customer colour choice.

Energy Hot House also promotes Tudor cooktops features, "Stability & Easy clean; Tudor cooktop trivets with their rubber stoppers are exceptionally stable and come apart for easy cleaning." The owner said " I can say this with confidence as I have a Tudor Cooktop myself and have the greatest confidence in recommending them to any one who loves to cook as they are the MOST OBEDIENT appliance in the kitchen.  You want it HOT you’ve GOT IT."

Retravision Osborne Park, WA  


Retravision, Osborne recommends the Tudor Romeo Cooktop range "because it is the only one that fits a small cutout" and "you can choose the layout of the burners".  
Plumb It, Gas It, SA   SA Appliance Warehouse, SA

Plumb It, Gas It stock Tudor Cooktops because they are "very different to other brands in appearance", with the "glass finish" and "different choices with wok burners", the "cut out fits as a replacement for old models ie (Rinnai/Roden)"

They recommend Tudor cooktops to their customers because of the "quality" and the "size of hot plates for replacement for very old models"

They told us the best features of the Tudor cooktops are;

  • Burner configuration (well spaced)
  • Powerful mj's wok burners
  • Made to order

Why does SA Appliance Warehouse stock Tudor cooktops?

  • Product cutout size and overall dimensions
  • One of only a few glass cooktops on the market
  • Quality service

Why do they recommend Tudor cooktops?

  • Made in Australia
  • Choice of configuration

What is the best feature of Tudor cooktops?

  • 18 mj Wok
  • Dual small burner/wok option
  • Tough glass
Betta Electrical, Rockingham, WA    

Betta Electrical, Rockingham stock Tudor Romeo cooktops because they are "Australian made. Built to last."

Owner Paul says "the fact is this is what it costs to build a product of excellence. Tudor know what it takes to get it right the first time."

Paul particulary likes the "In - built robust reliability..." and the "precise flame control for all types of cooking."

Betta Electrical, Rockingham believes in Tudor Romeo because the "unique size means customers who are changing over from an old model can save big dollars not having to adjust bench cut outs."

Paul highly recommends Tudor and said about the products "for the clients who are about to enjoy a brand new kitchen, what better way to refine their culinary skills than with a little help from TUDOR !"

"The right product for the very best in cooking."